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You may have chatted with one at some point, but chatbots are almost all over the Internet right now as almost every social media platform and major business websites are using them. What are chatbots really? And why are they so popular nowadays?

Chatbots are mainly used to act as a support for creating relationships and interacting with customers, apart from the usual employees who engage in such business activities. They can perform the usual marketing stuff human employees can and are even able to transcend to digital marketing as well. These chatbots are believed to create a more streamlined activity in terms of customer interactions as well as bring in more cost savings to the business as a whole.

Here are some of the benefits chatbots could bring:

  1. It can run 24/7 – unlike a human customer support, chatbots can be made available all through the day, and even during weekends and holidays. This alone can help prevent paying more premiums for employees who will render work during holidays, weekends or even at night.
  2. Better customer support – as a human, one can only do so much at any given time and can only concentrate on a limited number of tasks. Exceeding that limit will usually translate to inefficiency and errors. This is not the case for chatbots, as they are designed to handle multiple tasks at any given time without even jeopardising efficiency.
  3. Save money – As mentioned, chatbots can do multiple jobs further than a single employee could do. This means that a business can employ a limited number of employees by putting in chatbots to divide the job between them.
  4. Increase over-all satisfaction – we can safely say that humans are bound to be carried away by their own emotions. If a customer care employee engages with a rough customer, he / she may tend to sound / look uneasy in dealing with them, and it may affect the overall satisfaction of that particular customer. With chatbots, as long as they are programmed in accordance to specific needs, they will be 100% polite and accommodating thereby creating a better overall experience and satisfaction of the customer.
  5. Automate repetitive work – While human employees are also capable of doing repetitive work, they have the tendency to get tired of it at some point. Chatbots on the other hand will be more efficient in doing repetitive work and can even go to the point of automating them, thereby reducing more time for particular activities.

In summary, chatbots seem to look futuristic at the moment, but they will soon become a norm eventually. It is a very feasible option to include them in businesses for digital marketing and other customer related purposes. Companies such as Digital Nectar can create chatbots and customise them in accordance to your needs. 

To know more about chatbots and how they fit your business needs, contact Digital Nectar for more information.