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It’s tough out there for my Automotive Dealer clients. I’m sure you’d agree that right now it’s crucial that you can leverage every opportunity to target the right people with the perfect car for them. Because you want don’t want to have to pay through the nose for leads. Or waste money using a shotgun approach. 

Enter Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads.

They’re an incredibly smart and targeted way to advertise your live inventory to people who are actively looking online for the cars you sell. 

They are a form of Facebook dynamic ad, which are optimised to target Facebook users who are in the market to purchase a new vehicle, or retarget buyers who have already shown interest in your dealership online. 

Once set up correctly, Facebook Ads Manager will automatically generate the right ad for the relevant user. This then drives high-quality traffic to your website, whether it’s your sales pages, an individual landing page or a submission form.

End result – you get the chance to sell more cars.


Here at Digital Nectar, we are huge fans of these ads, and want to show you in this article why you’d be crazy not to use them!


Top 5 Benefits of Automotive Inventory Ads

  1. Save money and time creating ads

Forget manually creating or updating Facebook ads! This is a huge benefit of Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads, because rather than having to spend time (and money) creating individual ads, these ads are dynamic. We upload your entire inventory, and then the ads remain up-to-date with your current stock of inventory. The catalogue includes year, make, model and more, giving your potential buyers real-time availability and pricing via their own personalised ad.

  1. Highly intelligent targeting

These ads are intelligent and personalised, giving you the smartest way to advertise your live inventory. Using social profiles and online behaviour, Facebook shows your ad to people who are interested in buying a car or have shown interest in your dealership previously, and will automatically generate the most engaging ad for that potential buyer.

  1. Target buyers across devices & platforms

Your ads will also have the ability to reach your potential customers right across the multiple devices and platforms they use. So for example, even if they’ve visited your website or viewed and inventory listing on a desktop or laptop, your ads will also appear on Facebook and Instagram on their mobile phone or tablet. 

  1. Retarget lost website visitors

Have you wanted another opportunity to advertise to people who’ve already researched cars on your website? The ‘Retargeting’ aspect of Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads builds an even stronger case for why you need to use them. Rather than losing these leads, you can bring these potential car buyers back to you by them seeing a personalised ad from your campaign.

  1. Drive more low-cost traffic to your website

By actively targeting people who are in the market for a car, or have already shown interest in your website – you get more high-quality, qualified leads to your website, for a fraction of the cost of other advertising. 

Ready to get started?

If your goal is to increase the amount of high-quality leads you have, and drive that traffic directly to your website so you can sell more cars, then Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are a must-have in your marketing arsenal.

They deliver your cars to the right audience at the right time, to give your sales people more opportunities to do what they do best.


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